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Behold an army of Artoos!

Since I had to make up a pattern for Artoo and I didn’t write it down the first time, I had to clone him.

Twin Artoos!
Twin Artoos!

And no, you are not seeing wrong. Indeed, one Artoo is bigger than the other. Let’s just say one is more “fit” for survival than the other in the womb.

Then, my dad asked me to make one for his co-worker’s son, so I cloned him again. Now, for the time being, I have 3 Artoos! And for some funny reason, Artoo 003 got even BIGGER! It’s ok, the bigger the better.


I must admit, it is kinda scary seeing so many Artoos. It’s like having an army of Artoos, except they’re made of yarn and their main weapon is their cuteness. Don’t worry, worse comes to worse, just throw ’em at your enemies! That’ll catch them off guard for sure!



Tea party with Artoo anyone?


Here’s a dramatic shot!


What have I learned after making THREE Artoos? Just because you’ve made it “n” amount of times doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the same exact thing each time. I would say I like the later 2 Artoos better, because my techniques got better. Although my brother said he likes the original the best still. To each their own, I suppose!

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behold, an, army, of, artoos!

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Posted May 18th, 2009 at 5:39pm
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