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Brian and Stewie Griffin Amigurumi from Family Guy

So my sister LOVES watching Family Guy on Cartoon Network everyday, and originally, I did not care for that show at all. When it first came out, I thought the characters were utterly obnoxious and crude. I didn’t like the simple animation style either. Yet, slowly but surely, after many many nights of seeing my sis watch the same show and being forced to watch it with her, my opinion changed quite a bit. Now, I am a full blown fan of that show, and just LOVE Brian and Stewie to bits! They’re so hilarious, and I appreciate their sarcastic humor so much more, for some odd reason. Eventually, I just HAD to make an ami of Brian, so I can look at him and think of all the funny things on that show that I so enjoy now.

So, here it is:

brian1 brian2

Look! He even has a cute little tail! Sorry, I really like the tail hehe…

And the most amazing thing about him is, he STANDS! Like, on his own! It only took the work of 4 washers in each foot, but, whatever works right?! Although he is a little bottom-heavy, he definitely is my most stable ami thus far, which really makes him “stand” out…to me at least.

Oh yeah, and that’s a champagne glass he’s holding. I really had no idea how to make a thin cylindrical shape, so all I could come up with was to wrap yarn around some yarn a bajillion number of times. Quite primitive, I agree, but I really had no other way…unless someone would be so kind to share a better method? It would be much appreciated!

Of course, Brian just wouldn’t be Brian without Stewie!! I was really excited after finishing Brian to have a Stewie to go along with him. Unfortunately, Stewie is a totally different species. It really didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked it. So, despite my hard work trying to embroider his strange face and do all the other little bits, Stewie was a complete and utter failure!! He ended up being just as tall as Brian, which is totally not what he should be. It’s so embarrassing, I refuse to take a picture of them together! So here is Stewie, all by his lonesome self:


Who knew Stewie would be so difficult. Oh well, you really can’t win all the battles. Sorry, Stewie, you’re exiled to my “pile of failures.”

Moving along, my next project was to make another white cartoon dog. Can you guess which one?? I’ll fill you in on this one next time! Here’s a small pic to keep you interested!

stewie and kk

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Posted June 10th, 2009 at 8:14pm
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  • beavisfreak

    i don’t think stewie is a failure at all! you can always send him along to me :P

  • Sara

    This–both Brian AND Stewie–is awesome! Are you planning on making the pattern for Brian available on your Etsy? I’ve been searching for one. I just HAVE to make one!!

    (I also loved your K.K. Slider…will you be making that pattern available?)

  • Cara

    These are AMAZING! I don’t think Stewie is a failure at all! Please tell me you have the patterns for both posted or for sale somewhere!

  • Sara

    This is BRILLIANT!!!

    Please please please sell me your Brian and Stewie patterns!!!

    Please email me at

  • Beatriz

    Please send me the brian griffin pattern, i want to make it as a present for christmas!!!

    Please please please!!

  • angela

    they are great!!!!! I don’t see a failure

  • Alexis Hilgert

    Do you have these patterns available somewhere? My husband LOVES Family Guy and I think he’d actually like to have these!

  • Karen Nager

    Please send me your stewie and brian patterns. They are awesome!! You are very talented.

  • Karen Nager
  • aww, you did a great job. They are awesome!!!

  • karen nager

    Please send me your Brian pattern. I have a special needs student this is dying for me to crochet this for him.

  • Wendy

    I’m amazed at your talent!! (and jealous lol)

  • Cyn

    I love your stewie and brian, I would love the patterns, and KK Slider from Animal Crossings that is Awesome!!! You are brilliant!

  • lani

    Hi, do you still have the brian/stewie pattern that i can buy from you? please let me know! Thank you :)