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Hobbes and…no Calvin…

It was a family friend’s birthday party last weekend and I decided to make her an amigurumi of Hobbes as a present because:

I am a poor grad student

I noticed on her wish list that she wanted Calvin and Hobbes comic books

Therefore, she MUST like Hobbes

Instead of getting a gift straight from her wish list I wanted to add an element of SURPRISE!!

Hobbes would make a cute plushie…except I don’t even know where I could buy one

So, based on those excuses – oh I mean, “very sound reasons” – I set out to create Hobbes. The only thing holding me back was I had no idea what Calvin and Hobbes was about, except that Hobbes is a really skinny and tall tiger. Plus, the occasional Calvin bumper sticker that I see of him peeing on a cross stuck on some people’s cars…

Later, my brother incredulously filled me in on the story behind Calvin and Hobbes, bewildered that I had no idea who they were. That’s when I thought, “OHH! No wonder Hobbes looks so animated and long and skinny and twisty all the time!” And then, “Uh-oh, that does NOT sound pleasant to make into an amigurumi.” In the end, I just decided to not be so ambitious and just make whatever I can. Here’s what it looks like:






At first, the nose was also made of felt. Then, my bro said his face looked too flat, so I carefully scratched off the felt, cut a hole in the face, inserted the animal nose, unstuffed the head to fasten the nose, and restuffed it. So much work just to make his face look less flat, and I’m not even sure if it looks any more contoured!

As always, the intricate felt work was done by my sis. She also helped sculpt his scruffy white beard, which I made by attaching small strings of yarn to the head, like real hair! She’s also a great hair stylist by the way – she trims my bangs all the time! We both agree that the head is the best attribute of this Hobbes. It was unfortunate I didn’t know how to make his hands have fingers, because I think it’s an important part of Hobbes that makes him “alive.” Then again, my goal was not to be so ambitious…or else this would also go into my pile of failures!!

When my friend got around to opening our present for her, I was nervous. What if she complains that it’s not from her wish list? What if she thinks it belongs in the Pile of Failures too? What if she’s totally unimpressed, after all the hard work my sister and I put into it? Our worries were put to rest when she gleefully exclaimed, “OMG!” She really looked surprised and happy. Then, when I saw her cuddle with it, I knew all that hard work was well worth it. Hobbes, you did good!!

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Posted June 29th, 2009 at 2:21pm
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