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Bowser Amigurumi from Super Mario Bros

It’s that time of year again!! My brother’s birthday…that’s what pretty much started it all for me. First present included R2D2 and Waluigi. Second present was Mario. This year, it’s none other than…



I guess we’re on a Mario characters making spree. Why Bowser of all the other characters? Because other than Waluigi, my brother usually chooses Bowser to run us over when we play Mario Kart. No, I’m not bitter at all!! Not at all…

Making Bowser took a whole month! Sounds long doesn’t it? Just imagine all the planning and crocheting and felting and sewing that went into this! One day I spent crocheting the jaw, mouth, and head. A second day just crocheting the body and shell. A third day on the legs. A fourth day on the arms, tail, and horns. A fifth day on the hair, and cutting out all the felt, and gluing it all on, and finally we were done! Oh wait…that was actually only five working days huh…and what a very productive fifth day we had too! I’ll confess that I wasn’t efficient, but I got discouraged during the process just looking at the pieces without a good vision of how the end-product would turn out. If it weren’t for my sister nagging at me and guilt-tripping me to finish, this may have taken even longer.

Anyway, enough of my whining. Let’s see how Bowser evolved!


This was the beginning. I basically made three small balls and sewed them up into this nose/mouth. Then made a tube to connect to another ball, and that made up his upper jaw.


Then I crocheted some more tubes and connected them together to make the lower jaw. To fill up the empty space on the lower jaw I crocheted a small patch and sewed it on, then glued red felt over it. I also glued some red felt to the top jaw and stuffed the empty space in his head.


Here’s the finished head with some really sharp teeth!


Whoa and all of a sudden he has a body! Sorry, I didn’t document much, but trust me, you aren’t missing out. Seeing those stray pieces lying around was actually kind of depressing.


Finally, when my sister put his eyes on he came to life! And I was excited to finish him again! I thought this part was funny because he looks angry. I could totally imagine him saying, “Gah! You better be putting on my horns right! Or else!! Raaaarrrgghgh!!” Calm down Bowser! You are in good hands.


Applying the finishing touches…

The finished product!!


Does it look like its original?







I think this is what Mario would see if he were standing right under Bowser. Speaking of Mario…


Don’t they look so friendly!


Mario got away…too close for comfort I guess. It’s okay, Bowser still has Boo!


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  • Cute as can be! You do such amazing work!

  • Lea

    Fab! Worth all the work

  • chantal

    i have not words!!!
    bowser is wonderful
    how could you do it????!!
    i would like to do something like that, i love crocheting
    how long are you crocheting?
    congratulations for your job

  • Natasha

    This is soooo awesome!!!
    I made your R2D2 pattern and would love to purchase this pattern from you. You do such a wonderful job!!

  • Joanne

    Wow!! I found your site today by way of searching for snowflake patterns. I think I have a lot of reading to do to catch up, but I sure am looking forward to it!! Your work is absolutely awe-inspiring!!!

  • Bowzer is phenominal, You did a FANTASTIC job on him. Sure be nice to get a pattern of him so I can make him like the other ones i have done. I never keep any of my work it all goes too the hospitals kids a the soup kitchens. Or kids that dont get any santa goodies.. Anyways keep up on the wonderful talent.. best too you for 2011

  • Siri

    Oh my…! It’s perfect! Do you have the patterns? Can I get/buy them? please??

  • natalie

    your bowser is so cute. Do you have the pattern for browser? Can I get a copy or is it for sale

  • I would really like to have the pattern for this!! Maybe through your etsy shop?

  • Beckie

    Wow! Great job! I would love a pattern too! Is it available?

  • Jessica

    That is freakin’ awesome. I am very impressed!

  • irene

    OMG…you HAVE to do a pattern…pleeeeeeese…my 4yr old would adore this

  • Gabby

    Wow he is so qute!
    Any chance you gonna sell the pattern on your Etsy shop?

  • Lupita

    You are my hero :O

  • Violeta Alfaro

    Hi! This pattern is beautiful, I’m from Mexico. You gonna sell the pattern on your Etsy shop?

  • Emily

    I NEED THIS PATTERN!!!! DESPERATELY!!!! Lol,im overreacting cuz im amazed at all the detail. I’ve made a large amount of mario characters and would love to add bowser! i’ll pay!!!

  • April

    I’m building one using your picture as part of my inspiration. :)

  • April

    OK…I finished my Bowser today! I posted some pics of my FB crochet page. I hope this link will work for you. I’m making 9 Mario characters for a friend’s kids for Christmas. Bowser is on pics 6-11.

  • Paula

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Está PRECIOSO!!! Por favor alguna posibilidad de darnos este hermoso patron Please!! :D

  • Miggy

    This is so cute :3 I would love to crochet Bowser! He’s so snuggly in crochet form! I wish I had skillz like you do!

  • Carole Creon

    Please i need this pattern. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kara Bancroft

    Very well done! I’d like to try this out for my brother too :) I like your felt spike technique!