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R2D2 Amigurumi PDF Pattern FINALLY!!


The story behind R2D2:

My brother’s birthday was coming up, and I needed to give him something. Buying presents for him was always a challenge, especially since I am still a poor grad student and he’s already working. It just so happened I started crocheting as a hobby, and decided making him something meaningful would be nicer than buying him something lame and cheap.

I knew he liked star wars a lot, so I started thinking of all the star wars characters I could make out of yarn. I surfed the web for star wars patterns, came across a lot of yodas and ewoks and other characters, and was blown away by their cuteness. I thought Artoo would definitely be cute since he’s a robot and no one would expect a robot to be made of yarn! Started searching for the pattern, and unfortunately, didn’t find any. So I was determined to make my own!

Of course, I needed some help. I had only started crocheting 2 months ago and still didn’t know how to sew limbs onto amigurumis very well. So I consulted my little sister, who is much better at sewing and cutting and being extra neat, to help me out. After much trial and error in getting the right proportions, and painstakingly cutting out laser-precise felt pieces, Artoo was finished.

But, before we actually gave it to my brother, we were adding some finishing touches, and he happened to catch a glimpse of it before I could smoothly hide it away! He immediately identified it as Artoo with his eagle eye for anything Star Wars, and our surprise was spoiled, but he was still happy to have him finally on his birthday. He blogged about Artoo on, others blogged about it, and eventually Artoo made his way to the Official Star Wars Blog. It was truly an honor.

So, what started out simply as a birthday present for my star wars fan brother has become something I never would have imagined could happen. To have so many people see Artoo and enjoy him is very meaningful to me. Many thanks for everyone’s feedback and comments!

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Posted May 15th, 2009 at 1:37pm
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