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R5D4 Amigurumi: R2D2 gets a friend!

So, when I say friend of R2D2, who comes to mind? C3PO? Luke Skywalker? …Yoda?? No – wrong, wrong, wrong! The obvious answer should be:

R5D4, of course!!


This brilliant idea wasn’t mine actually…it was a custom order! I would never have thought of making R5D4, but he definitely makes the cutest counterpart for R2D2!


Making him was pretty difficult. I had to start over so many times to get the head shape right. I even made an extra body using an off-white colored yarn, because for some funny reason, I thought R5D4 was an off-white color…but actually he’s white. It only looked off-white because of the reflection of the sand on his body. Ha ha ha…I should have looked at him more carefully before I started darnit….





AND…R5D4 is so much fancier than R2D2!! Look at all his fancy embellishments! Those decked out disco-light neck squares, 3 eyeballs instead of 2 (and a glassy crystal eyeball too!), fancy rectangles on his body, and 4 different colors instead of 2 ooooh so special! When I finished and compared him to R2D2, I almost felt sorry for R2D2 because he looked so empty and, well, naked all of a sudden! Maybe we got a little carried away with our decorations on R5D4. Oh well, it’s ok R2D2, you’re still our favorite! :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t write anything down so there’s no pattern, in case anyone’s wondering. He was too hard to construct, and making a pattern with nice pictures and step-by-step instructions just seems too daunting for me! Perhaps in the future when I have more time…

That’s all for now! Went through quite a dry spell of not posting for a while, but I’ll be making more posts soon, so please visit again!

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Posted March 16th, 2010 at 12:37am
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