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Star Wars C3PO Amigurumi Is Cutest Threepio Ever

After waiting patiently for six years (whoa…has it really been six years since I started, that’s scary…), my R2D2 amigurumi finally has his BFF of all time to keep him company, a C3PO amigurumi!!

C-3P0 amigurumi pattern


So why did it take me six years?? I guess at the time I made R2D2, I thought the only way for me to make a CP3O would be to make him as realistic looking as possible, and that would be way beyond my skills set as an amateur crocheter! Even now, I don’t think it’s possible for me to make a realistic version of C3PO, like some other super accurate versions I’ve seen of him on the web. So, I resorted to making a much more simplified version of him.

C3P0 amigurumi doll


I used the same pattern I came up with for the rabbit amigurumi to use as a base for the body shape of C3PO (so yeah, if you’ve previously purchased the rabbit amigurumi pattern you could totally modify it to make C3PO too!). All I did differently was give him some extra wires around the waist area, and crocheted a long chain to wrap around his head as a ridge. The wires were just yarn of different colors that I strung through over and over…if there were anything I wish I could redo about this C3PO, it would be these wires! I think I got just a tad carried away with all of them…

C-3P0 crochet


And of course, we can’t forget about the trimmings! For his eyes, I used an old ribbon that happened to have the same stripey pattern as C3PO’s shiny eyes. You can even see the pen tracing around his right eye (hehe oops, execution error), for the circle I outlined from the strip of ribbon I used. Then I used some gold-colored gems to line his waist and belly, to give it some extra shine! I also dotted his ears with a few gems to give it some more dimension. It kind of looks like he has earrings too…

C3P0 plush crochet doll


I finished him off with a small rectangle mouth cut out of felt, and some pink cheekies! I just can’t resist not putting pink cheeks on my amigurumis. I know, there’s no way C3PO can blush, but somehow it just makes him a little more human-like and endearing to me.

Threepio amigurumi


Here he is with R2D2 by his side (Artoo’s pattern is available here)! It was quite amusing after I finished C3PO. I think I finally understood why the Ewoks worshipped C3PO as a god…it’s because he’s one of the shiniest amigurumis ever!! Look at all that bling on his belly.

C-3P0 and R2-D2 amigurumi


Hope you’ve all enjoyed my version of C3PO as an amigurumi! Thanks for looking!

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