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Crocheted Valentine’s Day Box and Charms

Happy V-day everyone! And hello everyone…sorry for being dormant for so long on this blog. I do intend to blog more this year, I swear!

Does anyone remember having to exchange Valentines in school for Valentine’s day, and decorating a box to hold all those precious Valentine cards? I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been quite a long time since elementary school for me! So when my coworkers decided to exchange Valentines this year with decorated boxes, I was a little hesitant to join in. Everything I’ve made as a kid for school, like shoe boxes for book reports or Valentine boxes, were never noteworthy. So naturally, this was my initial fear as an adult as well. But once I realized I could try to crochet my Valentine box…I became excited! :D

Here is what I ended up making:

Valentine's day box 1

Valentine’s day box 1

I used a tissue box as my container. I crocheted rectangular panels for each side and sewed them together at the edges. For the top of the box, I crocheted four small rectangular pieces and sewed them together at the edges to allow for the hole in the center. I then crocheted different sizes of hearts and sewed each piece onto the box wherever I felt like a heart was needed. The heart pattern I used was from PlanetJune’s Craft Blog, here. It’s a great pattern, very easy to follow and very nice results!

Valentine's day box 2

Valentine’s day box 2

Valentine's day box 3

Valentine’s day box 3

Valentine's day box 4

Valentine’s day box 4

Valentine's day box 5

Valentine’s day box 5

Valentine's day box 6

Valentine’s day box 6

Valentine's day box 7

Valentine’s day box 7

And then, while I was at it, I thought why not just crochet all my Valentines too? People thought I was being ambitious by doing that, but in actuality, I was just being lazy. I just didn’t want to drive to the store to buy them…because, you know, it’s so out of the way from my usual route back home from work to drop by Target or some other store where they sell Valentines (and I would really rather just drive straight home after work)…I’m not even sure where to buy them actually. So yes, laziness, and also the thought of being able to keep your Valentine and use it as something useful were reasons why I decided to crochet them.

It was easy to crochet the Valentine charms too, I just crocheted one small heart and one medium sized heart and stacked them. I had my sister hot glue gun them together, and then I attached a red yarn to the heart so people could hang it wherever they like in their cube. Since there’s 20 people on my team, I had to crochet 40 hearts total…that’s a lot. I got tired midway, after crocheting about 10 hearts and thought, what did I get myself into? My coworkers were right, I was being way too ambitious. But then, I had no choice because it was too late at night for me to go to the store to buy real Valentine cards! So, I just continued on…

Here’s a pic of all the hearts after I finished crocheting them all:

Valentine charm

Valentine charm

Don’t they look so nice all together?? So many hearts! After I finished, I wanted to keep them all to myself, just because they looked so nice together. These 20 Valentine charms took me from 8 pm until 11:30 pm last night! My hands were so sore afterwards, I’d advise everyone not to procrastinate on crafting the day before a holiday…it can be quite stressful!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day with your loved ones! Thanks for looking! <3

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