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Baby Whale Amigurumi

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy 2011 New Year, and what better way to start the new year than with a splash from a cute baby whale amigurumi?!



My inspiration for these baby whale amigurumis was actually me wanting a new cell phone charm (because I am totally obsessed with cute cell phone charms…I have a billion of them but I just can’t get enough! Just like how a girl can never have too many dresses, a girl can never have too many cell phone charms! At least, that’s what I like to think…). That, and I couldn’t wait to make something out of these really really thin yarns and miniature crochet hook I bought from Taiwan last time I was there. I don’t even know the hook size of the crochet needle. All it says is “6” but it is very small, so I doubt that means 6 mm, maybe 6 micrometers haha yeah right!

Crocheting with this 6 nm hook was pretty tough. It’s really hard to see the stitches because they really are microscopic! It almost felt like I was crocheting sewing thread. Yet, the small scale was necessary to make a cell phone charm. Regular worsted weight yarn crocheted with even the smallest size crochet hook of 2 mm would give me a humongous cell phone charm. I may like cell phone charms, but I’m not crazy enough to lug around a whole chain of critters! I try to keep things low maintenance.

This is what I came up with:



Then I started getting carried away about playing with colors and making couple charms!



Back view:



Side view:



What a cute baby whale couple!  Chu~<3

Here’s a picture for size comparison:



After a hard day’s work of crocheting cute baby whale amigurumis, I picked up my Nintendo DS to play my usual bedtime games, and realized, “Hey!  I can use those charms for my DS too!”



Now, before I start sounding like an infomercial and claiming these baby whale amigurumis can be used as keychains, camera charms, purse charms, rearview mirror car charms (which they totally can!), and magic charms that can transform into a genie and grant you 4 wishes instead of 3 like those regular genies (which I’m pretty sure they can’t), I’ll stop.  Thanks for looking!

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Posted January 8th, 2011 at 11:41pm
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  • wangcat

    it would look much better if you added a dorsal fin!! that is a characteristic of the whale!! :D

  • Maritula

    I love them, did you have a pattern, I would like to me them.

  • rosa

    Hola,te felicito por tus amigurumis,son muy hermosos,seria posible que me mandaras o publicaras el modelo de la ballenita,la encontre adorable´Gracias

  • Momiji

    Please, i reeeeallly would like to get the pattern for this whales! I love them! They are just sooo cute!

  • chass

    i really want to make the whales toooo!!!>.<"

  • ellie

    hey. i was curious if you give the patterns to people because i have tried to find some of the patterns for your crocheted animals and amigurumi, etc but couldnt find any. please reply because i am very curious to know. :)

  • Rene Schweter

    Do you sell your patterns?

  • Annie

    Pleez!!!! Can u give us ur pattern? They are adorable and i neeeeeeedddd them!!! Pleez!!!
    :) :P

  • heleen

    Do you sell your pattern? They ‘re soooo adorable :D

  • cute ‘gurumilover

    i really would love the pattern for these cute baby whales.. can you please post the pattern? they are small.. so please??? they actually caught my attn and i rlly wanna make one :) pleeease? <3 thanks ~.^

  • Nicky

    OK SO I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE ITIF U PUT THEM ON AMAZON….. BEcAUSE, I DON’T KNO Anyone who knows how to make one plz plz plz

  • nurul hazwani

    hi there , damn , it’s soooo cute , i already fall in love with that cute little thing ,
    can you teach me how to make it <3