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the pillows – buster-kun Amigurumi

the pillows buster kun amigurumi

Hello! This is polarbear!! Otherwise known as janama’s lovely, wonderful, agreeable, joyful, talented sewing machine-sister!!!

Hahaha no, I’m not any of that. I just sew and cut felt. yeah…

Anyway, it’s almost the 16th of September! Which marks the…(air-drum roll)…20th anniversary of the pillows!! For anyone who doesn’t know, the pillows are a Japanese alternative rock band, best known in the US for their “Ride on Shooting Star” single. So to celebrate their 20th anniversary, I am dedicating these to them (especially the white one because I like Manabe the best!). Yes, I am very very very biased…

Pictured above, is the band mascot, Buster-kun, in all three colors. It’s supposed to look like this..—————–>


The first one we made was the white one..


I say it turned out nicely. I would constantly tell my sister to redo the body parts and also to make sure that they were all exactly the same size, symmetrical, flawless etc.. There was even one time during the process when I yelled at my sister: “I don’t want a disproportionate Buster!” After that said, of course I couldn’t slack off on my laser-precise felt cutting and sewing, so then I shut my yap and got down to work!

This is the side view…


This is the back…


But, knowing that there’s supposed to be one Buster-kun per member in the band, I just had to have the rest.


They like beer…


In fact, I’m listening to the pillows right now. Even though I say that now, I’ll most likely be listening to them whenever you come to read this blog. Please visit again!



That’s my painting on the left!


The white Buster-kun is very special to me~ I spent the longest time on it. Therefore it is ultimate perfection!!! Haha kidding…




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