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CrochetMe Amigurumi eBook

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One of the most frequent questions I get on my blog is “Where can I buy your monkey amigurumi pattern? I can’t find it for sale on your website.”

Honestly, that darned monkey is one of the most popular things I’ve ever crocheted and every time I hear that question my heart sinks a little. That’s because it’s not for sale… at least not on my website.

You see, I shipped off my dear Ayo and Kiki monkey amigurumis to CrochetMe so I could participate in a contest to be included in their 2012 amigurumi calendar and they ended up selecting my monkeys! Here they are posing cutely for the calendar:

2012 CrochetMe Amigurumi eBook Monkeys

So the short answer is I can’t sell it on my website, but you can get it from the Interweave Store and it costs $8.99. Now you might be saying, that’s a lot to pay for a monkey amigurumi pattern and I would tell you you’re absolutely right! But the CrochetMe ebook actually contains the patterns for all the animals in the calendar! So it works out to less than $0.75 a pattern which in my opinion is pretty good.

Read what real people are saying about it:

I love this calendar! The patterns are innovative, fun to make & easy to understand. The finished results have been wonderful. I know the children I give these little lovelies to for Christmas will enjoy them. Thanks for putting this calendar together. It has been a joy to use already!!


I loved each and every amigurumi pattern. Each one is a winner and oh so cute! I’m proud to be included among such talented people. Aah! I’m going to enjoy making each of these sweeties. xoxoxoxo

-Mamta M.

This was great have made a lot of the animals and everyone loves them

-Miriam B.

CrochetMe Amigurumi eBook DollsThe full list of dolls from the calendar (from left to right):

  • Pucker the Goldfish
  • Lovey the Lovely
  • Chiyo the Mouse
  • Ellie the Giraffe
  • Roy the Gardener
  • Ayo & Kiki the Monkeys
  • Sunny the Bunny
  • Frankie the Lobster
  • Pixel the Puppy
  • Buttons McZipperson
  • Terrence the Turkey
  • Polar Lucibear

To (hopefully) make it up to you a little, I have an exclusive coupon code you can use to get 15% off. Just use code WEAVE15 at checkout to apply the discount. It will work on your entire purchase if you plan on getting some crocheting supplies while you’re at it.

15% off interweave store coupon

Now as to why I can’t sell my monkey pattern here on my website: I can’t because I signed a contract not to. In order to be in their calendar, I had to give up rights to the pattern and agree not to sell it myself… *sigh*. It makes sense since they are selling the ebook and calendar themselves and any competition would affect their sales. At least it’s in good hands in a good home for a reasonable price.

So support the Interweave Store and buy the ebook if you like my monkey pattern so much! It makes a great gift and 12 adorable amigurumi crafts.

CrochetMe Amigurumi eBook

Regular Price $8.99 Discount Price 15% OFF
(with coupon code WEAVE15)


Your Transaction is 100% SECURE

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