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Valentines Day Monkey Amigurumi

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I became inspired to make a Valentines day monkey amigurumi!  This was the first time I ever tried making the monkey amigurumi another color besides brown and gray.  I was excited to see how just changing the color palette would affect the overall look, and it definitely made a big difference!

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

Somehow it just looks extra sweet and tasty!  Or maybe I’m just craving some Valentine’s sweetheart candies right now…Either way, it still looks cute!  The eyes also seem to sparkle more, perhaps due to the whiteness of the felt behind it.

We also substituted the usual banana snack with a felt heart plush for the Valentine monkey amigurumi to snuggle.  It was pretty hard to convince the monkey to let go of the bananas, but she finally gave in when we promised her a whole bushel of bananas later.  Monkeys nowadays, really…

Here are some more pics:

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

valentines day monkey amigurumi

The chair in the background actually was a spontaneous add-in to the photo-shoot.  It was a chair my sister and I used to play with during our childhood days, and had lost into the oblivion of the crack against your bed and wall, you know that one right?   After all these years she just found it the day before we took the photos and it just so happened to have a heart shape to it too!  It must have been fate.  I think it really completes the look of the Valentine’s monkey amigurumi.

The Valentines day monkey amigurumi is available for purchase at my Etsy.  Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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Posted January 20th, 2011 at 4:01am
Filed under Amigurumi, Animals

  • paul

    awesome little chair! or is this monkey HUUUUGE!?

  • Fernanda Aeschlimann

    I love it! It’s so cute :)

  • Brittiny

    I am usually not too fond of monkeys, but I think these are adorable! I hope you win the calendar contest with them!

    I am a beginner with amigurumi. I have made a doll, a bunny, and “sack boy” from “Little Big Planet 2,” but nothing as cute as your stuff!

  • Julia

    Wow! :) Do you sell any patterns? I would absolutely LOVE to crochet one of these little guys!

  • Kim

    so cute i want one <3 Do you sell it?

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